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The principles of extreme individuality, self absorption and selfishness

The principles of extreme individuality, self absorption and selfishness

The primary position of extreme individuality is that individuality of one's self trumps all over concepts and categories. 'Me" is the prime rubric over all else thus every other idea or principle or ethic is either secondary or fictional. Selfishness, self absorption and "bodyism" take the generally good idea of individuality and the individual into the realm of the harsh and absurd.

Ideas and behaviors that are rejected, irrelevant or nonexistent include:

·         Sociality is the idea that a Human being must interact with society and support society. Sociality is the stress on community, education, government, family, activism, social work and all forms of concern for the community and giving back to the community. Sociality is opposite to individuality but the two are not in conflict but in fact help each other. Healthy individualism upholds sociality, unhealthy individualism attacks it. Healthy sociality promotes individuality, unhealthy sociality suppresses it. Extreme individuality has no concept of sociality.

·         Social ground is rejected because these institutions are a burden upon one's individuality . Social Ground includes education, mentors, counseling and mental health services, media and entertainment and much more. These various institutions help create and maintain a healthy functioning citizen. The promotion of healthy individuality is an important goal of Social Ground. Social ground also promotes "sociality". To the extreme individualist all of this is expensive and unnecessary because he believes that his individuality is entirely self created and that he is self made man with the help of no one else or a community -- and look how well he turned out!

·         Government is likewise rejected because once again it is very expensive and demands social connections and obligations and laws. To the extreme individualist, government is to be whittled down to its barest manifestation, chopped up, shut down and sold off. Government is a waste of time because there are no common interests among the people, such as roads, national parks, schools, social services, health and safety regulations and so on. Each citizen has its own interest, the social world is seen as a survive-or-die animal kingdom. The future they seek is a Charles Dickens nightmare.

·         The Golden rule is rejected because this means one would have to think of the situation of others. This would require getting out of one's self, walking in the repulsive shoes of someone else and summoning the worst emotion possible for the self centered: Empathy. Empathy means having compassion and feeling for the plight of others. It means seeing the commonality that you have with another person and relating their suffering to suffering in your own life. But unfortunately, the extreme individualist does not have a heart big enough to feel the pain of others. It is filled only with his own pain which he whines about incessantly.

·         Other people's individuality is rejected because it is not your individuality thus this is of no importance. This is an important point -- the individuality of another individual is not accepted. This philosophy is not about ideals applied to all, applied by all, applied for all. It is not about "individuality" as a code, it is about my individuality against yours. This is egotism masquerading as the principle of individuality. Watch carefully for the individuality of other groups being openly abrogated. And watch and you will see even amongst themselves that there is no code.

·         Racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination are not seen as social issues. If you are not from one of these oppresses groups then these issues impede your individuality. There is a strong tendency for the social group that advocates extreme individuality to belong to a dominant demographic.

·         Poor people of course are a great weight on these citizens. The extreme individualist is mostly middle class, and resents social programs for the poor – whether the poor are minority or white. This person cannot see that poverty is actually extremely expensive and that a national solution is in order. To this citizen, misery and starvation at a distance is quite acceptable. The concept of a greater good is unknown.

·         Other people's free speech is no of importance to an extreme individualist because it is not your free speech. In fact stopping the free speech of others does not contradict the principles of this peculiar personality. The link between defense of your free speech and that of another is not comprehended because the notion of "an injury to one is an injury to all" is rejected. [Which by the way seems to leave a movement of selfishness quite open to divide-and conquer tactics…]

·         Nature and the environment are irrelevant to the extreme individualist. The destruction of nature and global warming are hyperbole. The environment is merely a distant backdrop that plays no role in the lives of the self absorbed. In fact, the environment may not even exist at all. For the egotist can only be sure that HE exists, the rest is background, just scenery, little details, distant landscape, annoying bugs….

·         Wholes and systems are rejected because as an individual you are not part of a whole or a system. Thus organization, government, economy, institutions, a nation etc. need no attention. Wholes be damned, they can collapse. The prerequisites for a whole or system to function properly are denied -- taxes, central bank, experts, leadership etc. Anarchy is the order of the day. Why? You are the model of the world, you are not a part of any conglomeration, and you are not any sort of social complexity, you are very simple, you are certainly not a whole….well, except that you are the whole world.

·         Expertise and knowledge and science are rejected, this is indirect knowledge held by others, not by yourself, thus it is suspect. Directness in life is a good thing but studying and learning ideas and information created by others is a good thing too. One individual cannot be the fount of all knowledge thus indirect knowledge must be appreciated and sought.  There is also a tendency for the extreme individualist to reject abstract thought because this is by done "intellectual classes" of which he is not a part of. The extreme individualist has a completely new programme for the education system.

·         Not only does global warming not exist, but in fact the "globe" does not exist! The globe of many nations is a fiction. The extreme individualist lives in one nation, only that nation exists. He has no concept of a global economy and its requirements for a nation nor global politics and the search for cooperation and peace. This citizen is both an isolationist and an imperialist because he will do whatever is in his interest internationally.

To the state the above in another way, the extreme individualist has problems with:
·         Relationships
·         Other people
·         Compromise
·         Moral codes
·         Compassion
·         Diversity
·         Mutual benefit
·         Communication as two way
·         Indirect benefits from relationships
·         Obligations
·         Groups and associations
·         Authority of any sort
·         Anything bigger than themselves

The extreme individualist takes a good idea out to absurdity.

Individuality is indeed our true nature for so many reasons:

·         We perceive the world as individuals, each has a unique view.

·         We are individual personalities through genetics, environment, learning and choice.

·         We have lifelong explorations of our identity from stage to stage.

·         We make individual decisions in life on important matters, no one else can do this for us.

·         We create which is a highly individual act.

·         We feel only our own feelings, even when we feel empathy we are feeling our own emotions.

·         We seek personal development in many areas, career, lifestyle, knowledge etc.

·         We have individual moral codes that guide us and we must make difficult decisions ourselves.

·         We seek spiritual development for as individuals we must know how we are connected to the cosmos and all other Human beings.

·         We seek personal happiness, and for each person, this is a little different.

And there are many other things that make us individuals. There is nothing magical about knowing the path of healthy individuality but some people seem to have a very hard time getting it.

Cage Innoye

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