Friday, July 27, 2012

The Social Individualist

The Socially-minded individual is a connected person without alienation or selfishness.

Individuality without sociality is unhealthy; it leads to many problems of emotional behavior and also to a society of stress. We also know now from history that too much sociality is not good either. What we are then seeking is the right balance for ourselves as individuals and for society as a whole. We are looking for the social individualist.

In the main we will be individuals, that is our natural and physical manifestation in this world. We are supported by many institutions of sociality from education to government, all are essential to a healthy individual.

In a modern culture the general error tends toward the narcissistic, that we get lost in self absorption. So the general task is to stay clear on your relation to other people and society as a whole -- to uphold their need to be diverse and individual and creative, to have compassion for their sufferings, to see the unity of your soul with all souls, to grasp that your individuality has elements within it of other people, and that you are contributing to the formation of other personalities in your lifetime.

A diverse perspective would say that you cannot be the whole of society because you are an individual, a part, and this is good and joyful and creative. But at the same time we must understand that you must represent the whole too! This reversal of thinking is key to a harmonious culture. In your mind the whole must be understood and maintained. So the two forces, one of individuality and the other of sociality, affect each other, aid each other, they work together to create a society of cooperation and caring. These two contradictory forces reflect the truth of the world, thus when working together they will uphold our world. Diversity and commonality are the twin pillars of a community.

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