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What is an Axxiad?

What is an Axxiad?

An Axxiad is a new way of looking at philosophy, it is a special kind of philosophy if you will.

We need a new point of view in this epoch to get above the confusion of culture wars, sectarian ideologies, the jurisdictional fights of disciplines and egotism. We need to “21st” things, get our thinking into the new millennium, “21st” ourselves.

An Axxiad is simply a very general view that covers many, many topics — spirituality, science, culture, society, government, economics, world relations, psychology, media and the internet, ethics, education, philosophy, strategy, organization, methods, ethics, relationship to nature, life and so on.

Why is it different? First, an Axxiad comes from a common set of principles. You could say it is the most general philosophy if you like; in fact, it is the most general of all philosophies. And it is, in fact, kept purposely vague to make it acceptable and applicable to many fields. The principles are derived from observation and from intuition. It is a paradigm that accepts other paradigms and helps merge paradigms too. So an Axxiad is very general and at the same time is a very practical tool.

Second, the general concepts are that of the Diverse concept — difference, change, individuality, complexity, evolution, diversity, differentiation and undifferentiation.

Third, an Axxiad creates a mixing of perspectives because it covers so many realms; the various disciplines begin to borrow ideas and commingle perspectives. This is a natural result of Diverse thinking, the once distinct realms now find some overlap. Thus, we find the spiritual mixing with the conventional philosophy, or creative theory and sociology integrating, or entertainment fusing with non-entertainment. And we find that the general philosophic overview also being influenced by the fields that it is applied too — theology, psychology, creativity. So the Axxiad view itself becomes more mixed and diverse over time.

Fourthly, an Axxiad is the view of an individual not of a class or sect or elite. It is distinctly a very personal perspective taken up voluntarily and accessible by all Human beings. An Axxiad is not the old “worldview” concept of “history” and its forces outside of individual influence, a mystical social law of evolution outside of Human control.

Fifth, about religion, an Axxiad can be called a “religion”, but technically it is not. As said above, an Axxiad includes religion, theology and spirituality, but also it includes such things as economics and media theory and strategy. To be clear, an Axxiad is a philosophy of a certain type. But at the same time it aims for a new life philosophy to guide the individual and sees no walls between realms of knowledge and practice. People will and should find a mixture of ideas and practices that work for themselves. The Axxiad approach is quite flexible because it is diverse approach.

Also, an Axxiad overlaps with mythology. Personal philosophy, ethics, spirituality, psychology, creativity, values and so on are integrated also into an Axxiad, because an Axxiad must address the issues of personal existence, as well as, social, historical and cosmological issues.

Seventh, an Axxiad comes out of the intangible realm, from the inner realm of our minds, it precedes the tangible sphere. An Axxiad is our perspective, our guide, our values, our ethics, our philosophic framework and more. And these are our starting points as human beings, not the realm of matter and things. The inner shapes the outer; the intangible shapes the tangible.

So these above are the features of an Axxiad.

An Axxiad is an overview, the most general type. As said before, generality is another feature of an Axxiad in order to accommodate so many different points of view. Here, vagueness is an art, for the Axxiad is the highest concept and the most abstract concept stripped of detail and particularity.

In this way an Axxiad is accessible to all individuals, to all interpretations, all applications.

Its generality creates unity and the positive. Then use of an Axxiad leads to diversity, individuality and creativity in application. And then one becomes unclear on general concepts and direction we return to the core themes of an Axxiad.

Diverse philosophy is an Axxiad, they are one and the same.

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