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New version of "Philosophy for a Diverse Planet" available: Free ebook by Cage Innoye.

Philosophy for a Diverse Planet
by Cage Innoye

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The primary work on Diverse Philosophy has been expanded by 200 pages. It has new summary articles, and pieces on psychology, multiple minds, emotions, thought methods, multiple perception, multi-culturalism, leadership, group think, extreme individuality, an Axxiad, creativity, social creativity, Moore's law and the silicon chip industry, self determination, catastrophe thinking, the Subsume, moral evolution, mis-creativity, empathy and heroes, the nature of time, love of the different, plastic reality and much more.

The collection gathers together key works. There are articles about diversity, individuality, creativity and creating diverse wholes. General topics include economics, history, theology, psychology, education, individuality, government, ethics, methods, self identity, personal behavior etc.

The book covers the complete range of the philosophy in a systematic way.

Also includes various summary articles of key ideas in this philosophy to simplify things.

Ebook is PDF, 522 pages.

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8              Why Diverse Philosophy now?
18           Diverse Philosophy is a Handy Tool

Introductory and Summary articles:
23           We Live in a Great Diverse
31           14 Personal Themes of Diverse Thinking
42           23 Social Principles of Diverse Thinking
56           Are You a Diverse Thinker?
58           Freedom is all about Difference
61           Diverse Thinking and its Social Strategy -- A Brief Summation
66           Self Determination and Diverse Philosophy
68           What is an Axxiad?

On Thought Methods:
71           The World of Iso-thinking
77           On Multiple Perception
89           Methods of Range Thinking
93           Some General Axioms of Diverse Philosophy
99           Differentiation and Questions We Ask
102         Examples of Differentiation and Undifferentiation Working Together
104         What is Differentiation? -- a simple formula to understand the “DNA” of differentiation
108         More on Systems
110         Catastrophe Thinking
117         Reality Is Plastic, So We Must Be Creative
120         Creativity Uses the Power of Differentiation
124         What is Mis-Creativity?

Psychology articles:
126         Your Mental Diverse is composed of Many Minds
134         More Detail on Multiple Minds
152         Elaboratia – the suppression of emotional development
157         Nine Ways your Psychology is undermined – about the differentiation of personality
161         About Emotions
170         Negation Techniques, Meditation, and Creativity
179         On Iso-emotion

183         On Diversity and Multiculturalism

189         On Schools – A Whole Human Being Requires a Whole Curriculum

Directness and the Empiric:
192         The Way of Directness – Rely on Yourself and Not Saviors
197         On the Empiric

201         Love of the Different
204         Comparing Love of the Different with Love of the Same

207         Our “Diverse” also includes Nature and Animals
211         Reduce our Footprint, Control our Ex-natures, Think out of the Human Box
213         Will Our Lower or Higher Natures Win?
218         Ex-Suffering and Ex-Nature are Connected to Suffering and Nature
219         Nature and Human Differentiation

221         Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History
229         What is Creativity?
237         About the Creative Mind, Genio, Creative Techniques and Behaviors

274         On the Entemple – the Temple within
276         About Two Realms of Spirit: Objective and Subjective, Outer and Inner
279         The Shifting Dynamic of Your Spirit: Individual and Whole
284         You are Not Mere “Matter”

290         On Healthy Individuality and Society 
300         Healthy vs. Unhealthy Individuality -- about the Tea Party
304         Bodyism, an Extreme Individuality in the USA
312         The Principles of Extreme Individuality
317         The Principles of Group-Think

326         Indirect leadership

331         On the Development of Identity
347         “You”, “They”, “Me”, “We” and Your Identity
350         Some Interesting Points About Identity
353         Resist Identity Theft
358         Does Marketing Try to Extend Adolescence, the Culture of High School, and Clique-

361         The Manipulation of Time – the rise of "Momentia"
368         Simultry:  a form of oppression that arises from differing stages of development

370         Return to the "Subsume"
384         To "Emply"

More on Morality:
387         The Golden Rule
388         Moral Evolution, Balance and the New "Forbiddens"
391         The Dialectic of Progress, Striving and Value
397         The Transcendent Emotions Make Us Human
399         Compassion, Empathy, Suffering, Striving, Love and Heroes

413         For a Direct Democracy
419         Government and Diverse Thinking

420         After Wall Street, an Economy of Multiple Values and Measures
427         What to do after Occupying Wall St? -- Create a new stock exchange
440         Five themes of a Diverse Economy
441         What is Economic Power?
445         Wanted: New MBAs, New Entrepreneurs, New Economists
449         Create Money!
454         Time for a New Economic System -- 20 Features of a Creative Economy
461         Silicon Chips, Moore’s Law and Forming a Creative Economy

466         Replacing Karl Marx's view of History ---The theory of Historical Differentiation

International relations:
480         For a Planet of Diversity and a Planet that is a Whole
485         A Ten Commandments for Nations

Other Articles:
487         Diverse Thinking and the Synthesis of Ideas
489         Nature’s Genio, Differentiation and Undifferentiation
490         Some Principles of Multiple-perception and the Multi-cultural
492         The Limits of Diverse Philosophy
495         Methods of Social Creativity
502         On the Kollect
506         Notes on Nature and Ex-Nature 

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