Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Glossary of Creativity -- A dictionary for innovation and imagination , ebook by Cage Innoye

A Glossary of Creativity -- A dictionary for innovation and imagination  210 pages PDF
[easy to read Verdana 12 pt]

Over 300 entries on topics related to creativity, very original. Entries include creative technique, emotional issues, mental management, creative and rational minds together, cultural issues.

Sample of entries: Singularity, Flash, Metaphor, Rule Formation, Randomness, Recombination, Juxtaposition, Re-Purposing, Novelty, Non-Imitation, Absurdity, Negation, Play, Humor, Story Writing, Generality, Intuition, Vagueness, Wholes, Form, Collecting, Excepting, Induction, Mystery, Word, Subsume and the Emply, Ego, self confidence, rebellion, joy and depression, voice and external messages, the subconscious, sensations, memory, wisdom, mystery, intuition, view of time, other people, doldrums, creative will, rational and not rational, directness, emotions and dysfunction, fear, anger, love, love of work, idealism


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