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Returning to the Subsume -- What is a Subsume? How does it relate to Creativity, Art, Psychology, Social Evolution, an Ecosystem, Souls and Spirit?

This article attempts to summarize the notion of a “Subsume”. A Subsume is a unique phenomenon where all things are fused into a whole. A Subsume precedes the stage of differentiation and diversity, it is the predecessor. In a Subsume state we have all potential but it is tangled and confused in a kind of embryonic phase. When a Subsume breaks up we then have an elaboration into a diversity of individual entities. These complex states have varying degrees of interconnection and wholeness.

Subsumes come in physical and mental forms. There are many types and you will find them all about you. Science also speculates on types of Subsumes that created life and those that created a cosmos. Subsumes are not only part of science but they also appear in theology. And in some cases the science and the spiritual become one.


Origin Subsume
The origin Subsume is about “god”, creation, origin, mystery, proportion, destiny and the soul. In the origin Subsume are all things in potential from stars to living things to Human beings to neurology, thought, art, mathematics, language, morality and so much more.

The origin Subsume is not mere “matter”, it is composed of something far more profound, for mere matter that also produces life, abstraction, principles and imagination cannot be a sufficient explanation of the beginning. All potential exists within the origin Subsume, as of yet undeveloped, unelaborated, unclear. All is subsumed within its fused and confused wholeness.

Whether the origin Subsume is the ultimate beginning or follows from another form of beginning or is part of a great cycle is as yet unknown. In any case, the time that we now live in is of the “elaboration” where potential expresses itself and particularities and differences arise.

Human Subsume
The Human Subsume includes a host of things: Psychology, creativity, theology, sociology, economics, connection to an ecosystem, international relationships and more.

The origin Subsume compares to the Human Subsume as a transcendent in power, it is fully non-conscious and infinite. The Human Subsume is limited and is conscious. It has powers but these are small compared to those of the cosmos.

Because we have consciousness, we are distinct from the origin Subsume and the cosmos. Consciousness allows us to break with the origin Subsume and Nature by degrees and in parts. We are only partly tangled into the prior state, partly fused. Consciousness tries to take us out of this confusion into the elaborated clarity of thought and creativity.

The Human is already cleaved from Nature and thus cannot be fully submerged in the cosmic Subsume. At the same time we have our origin connections, we have partial and temporary behaviors that are like the cosmic Subsume as we shall see below.

Consciousness is indeed a profound power for it allows us to abstract from immediate reality, to analyze, that is, to separate elements of the world into parts. It is elaboration in the abstract form. Nature cannot do this. So Humans have a profound ability to know the cosmos, develop sciences and technologies, and create new things not known before by the cosmos. This makes an intelligent species quite unique.   We are children of the great Subsume, and even our “anti-subsume” behavior is present in the Subsume, oddly enough.

However, we must not think that we are more powerful, profound or transcendent than the cosmos, for the cosmos is far greater than we, for even if we can enter an eternal and infinite realm of ideas, we face something more radical and mysterious than ourselves in the origin Subsume – and that is something that is fused and yet has all possible things within it; something that operates according to laws and principles and yet has no conscious plan or thesis; something that is pure evolution and pure creativity without the aid of a brain, thought and imagination; and something which has an infinite scope infinitely beyond the “infinity” of a mere Human.

Human forms of the Subsume
Nevertheless, a Human has a tiny and partial version of the Subsume within. Forms of may include:

The Subconscious and Cryptego: the Cryptego is the “cryptic ego” of dreams and signs that lives below consciousness
Mythology is often a fusion of history, art, science, psychology, morality, theology, sociology
Memory beginning as a Subsume where objective and subjective are thoroughly mixed
Child fantasy as fusion of left and right brain spheres with the unconscious
Tanginot is the idea that the Human perception is a mix of the tangible and not, Tanginot is a Subsume in regards to reality and imagination, existence and ideals, the given and the creative
Social-historical processes are often unconscious and subsume-like
The Vague-whole-word creative process is an attempt to return to the Subsume of Genio; this is a creative technique based upon special types of words
Social creativity can also be a fused process where there is no overall clarity on direction
The Action-doing-abrupt mind lives in a world that is not conscious or analytic behavior, the doer is not a thinker, she or he acts and improvises
The Individual can be said to be the result of a fusion and even confusion of many souls, before itself and contemporaneous with its self , these have fundamental impact on identity formation
And the list goes on, there are many more types of the Human Subsume, showing us how related and connected we are to the prior Subsume

The Axxiad as a kind of Subsume
An Axxiad is a special Subsume itself because it mixes all things with its principles and methods. An Axxiad is an amalgam of philosophy, theology, science, psychology, history, sociology, art, creativity, economics, methods, morality, mythology and much more. It has no bounds.

And though an Axxiad attempts to unite all these disciplines by central principles, the disciplines alter the core rules too, a mutual shaping takes place causing the Axxiad to become a kind of fused phenomenon like a Subsume. In a way an Axxiad is closely related to a mythology, perhaps a special kind of one. And it is interesting that ancient peoples used mythologies because they could NOT separate out history from science or religion or art or moral codex — because they were still in a state of little knowledge, that is, before the stage that knowledge cleaves itself into elaborated parts. Mythology arose as an expression of their knowledge Subsume.

The Axxiad appears in the present age of separated parts, of distinct disciplines but it seeks to return to a Subsume condition where all things are related, interconnected and partly fused. What we seek is the best of both worlds — that of the benefit of elaborated thought systems, and at the same time the benefit of Subsume fusions and entanglements which reduces the alienation and sectarianism and loneliness of these sciences.

We are consciously returning to a Subsume or we are creating a conscious Subsume, a new Subsume. This is our attempt to be more like the cosmos and gain more power and clarity. Here clarity appears not from “clarity”, but from the fusions and confusions of the Subsume, an interesting reversal.
But of course the conscious Subsume is only partly unconscious, for to be fully like the origin Subsume we would have to have no brains or consciousness in any form, however, we are condemned to awareness, thinking, feeling, imagining, producing and striving. Thus, our forays into “Human Subsumes” are always partial, relative and temporary — but always profound and empowering.

Return to Subsume
Returning to Subsumes is a very important effort for Humans.
The word “Emply” is from a word for entanglement. To Emply is to return to the Subsume, to become entangled again, to lose the clarity of reason and its distinct systems and institutions, to fuse and at times become confused.
“Atavistic Return” is a phrase that can be substituted for Emply, it would mean the return to an ancient state, to an atavism, to an ancient and outmoded state, a throwback.

For many different reasons we Emply or make the atavistic return. We may find that we have become too rational and analytic, or that we lose wholeness and connections, or that we need to achieve a spiritual leap, or that we are at war with ourselves in system of alienation and sectarianism.

These things we gain from an Emply:

The power of creativity, power of unconscious, power of a mixed social process, power of mystery, power of Tanginot etc.
And the advantage of the mixing as in an Axxiad, myth, fantasy mind etc.
And the person who “Emplies” also becomes like the origin as best as a Human can, this is then a profound psychological and spiritual state, a transcendent state of the origin mind where we can see all connections and wholeness.
We can say that there are these stages of the Subsume process for a Human:
Origin or initial state -- the Subsume
Elaboration which begins as a fresh and positive state then results in a state of clutter, seizure, super-rationality, chaos. Also, there are many sorts of negative elaboration which begin with suffering, stunting and suppression right from the beginning.
The Emply or Atavistic Return to a Subsume. Some returns are actually physical others are mental.

Three Subsumes and Souls
A recondite notion is suggested by this Subsume analysis — the idea of a soul arises about both Subsumes.

The return to the origin Subsume or cosmic or natural Subsume is the return of the Human soul to the great and infinite whole of all things. This is familiar as the idea of returning to “god”.

And the return in the context of the Human Subsume is a return to the milieu of individual souls past and concurrent. This is the view of reconnecting to all Human beings for they have produced you and you are producing them too. This is a social perspective on the impacts of Human souls upon one another.
Return to each of these Subsumes represents immortality and eternity and connection, one with other Humans, one with the non-Human greater cosmos in all ways for all time. A third perception of a Subsume return has to do with the above discussion of Human returns to states that are spiritual, non-conscious and so on. Death is not an issue here, for we do this while we are alive. And this Emply restores and reconnects us. And it heightens our appreciation of eternity and the whole too.

But it should be noted that in regards to the origin Subsume we can feel connection to it while we are alive. And the same goes for the Subsume of individual souls, we can feel our immortal and eternal connections with those who went before us and those we encounter in our lives, and we can postulate into the future more interactions and impacts on more Human beings.
The Subsume analysis thus leads to at least three notions of the Human soul and infinity, each familiar to us: the Origin, the Collective Soul, the Origin mind...

Thus, from the initial idea of a Diverse, we make our way to the necessary notion of a Subsume and its logical partner, an Elaboration, and we apply this to as many things as we can, and then we sum up, and this results in at least three concepts of an immortal soul. Here is a theological contribution by the Axxiad to religion.

A person sees while alive its origin connection and its human connections, and seeks the origin mind states of great joy, clarity, creativity and more.
Upon physical death, one returns to the origin, to one’s maker and the great creator. And upon cessation, one passes purely into the soul Subsume of all Human souls, the great community of all spirits and essences and √©lan vitals.
Eternity and immortality are all around us because all around us is a great Diverse of connections and relationships, because ultimately we exist in a great, infinite whole that combines all things, past, present and future.
Connection grants us the timeless; disconnection offers us the impermanent, limited, ephemeral and conditional. The Subsume allows us to break out of our Human limits, it makes the Human life cycle whole and complete.

Social and Psychological Elaboration
Above were listed various Human Subsumes, let us list more and go into detail:

There is the evolutionary issue of modern social elaboration and its disconnection from the original Subsume states, for Humans that is the rise of science, economics, religion etc. after our initial state of unawareness.
Science for example is a disconnected part needing to reconnect with theology, philosophy, psychology, art, creativity and ethics. What does this mean? This means it has lost touch with many Human needs. All sciences, physical and social must return to the Subsume.
Through an Axxiad and Diverse thought, science reconnects. Also, through mythology (from which science originated from in ancient time) science must return to a more original state, to old Subsume or paleo-Subsumes where we were in touch more with ourselves, more connected as Humans, more whole as Humans, more Human as Humans.
Enlightened scientists today see the need to Emply and reconnect in an Axxiad and mythology. The Diverse idea is an attempt to achieve this reconnection.
The Rational mind is a historical-social product created by thousands of years of narrow evolution. It must return to earlier mental states to be more creative, alert and aware, effective
The Cryptego is the unconscious ego within all of us, the return from a pure rationality to this mind would give us insight into our true needs and desires and feelings
The Abrupt Mind is the unconscious mind of action, of doing, the Emply to this mind would enhance our effectiveness and our methodologies
Adults must return to being children for in children is a state of mind that is fantasy, mixing thread minds, sphere minds and the unconscious. The adult returns to mix the states but not give up the sharpness that it has gained in developing various mental regions, she or he wants to reconnect the warring spheres.
There is the training we have to develop accurate memories but we must ask, does not a return to earlier stages of memory when subjective and objective are thoroughly mix serve us too? Consider a Subsume memory. A pure objective memory has no emotion, no meaning, no context, no morality, no symbolism, no human relationships, and because of that it leaves us groundless, an objective memory cannot anchor us.
Look at the state of present Economics, we must return to the Human needs of the “tribe”, to all issues. Are we not one subsumed tribe? And have not all the metrics become one?! And now Money returns to the Subsume of measure, it is all measures expressing a whole of measures.
Government must make a change toward everyday people and everyday lives. Today government is disconnected, alienated, hostile to the people. But government should be the people, it must return to the Subsume of the people.
Global relations is clear, is it not? One Race, one species, one family, one Human being, one people, one community, one village, one city, one nation, one tribe, one planet.
The Environment and Nature? There is one great Subsume of this planet, of Humans and Nature, of Co-Genio.
Education must be returned to the Subsume of life and the Subsume of our minds, so that it includes emotional education, moral education, Genio education, job education and more.
Work split long ago from life and Human need and Human joy. Work, jobs and career must Emply, return to the Subsume of Human goals.
Consumption gets subsumed back to necessity, not for itself, then other Human needs can get pursued, consumerism ends. The whole of needs can be addressed.
The family too must Emply to a new kind of Subsume. In the past we had the extended family of the tribe; today we have the fractured nuclear family. Can we not create a new kind of extended family in this day and age?
It should be clear that there is a kind of Gender Subsume too. Old models of gender behavior do not work well anymore. Though we are all tracked in a sense biologically, building a gender behavior is difficult over a lifetime, and we will need at times to return to a gender Subsume to break out of failing behaviors and explore new ones, so that our gender forms and mixes are growing and matching the needs of new life stages
Church is even such an elaborated part that must Emply to a kind of ancient tribal religion more part of life, ever present, diverse, and accessible to all tribal members
Alienated Individuals must return to the unity and the brotherhood of all Humanity. Before today, we lived in extended families and small tribes, where we had strong, intimate connections with other Human beings. We need to return to this original state, many of us yearn for this state. It is kind of Subsume that we miss and greatly need.
Communication is a method of dialogue to learn and influence in a Subsume; de-communication operates in an elaborated state of alienation and disconnection and sectarianism and social castes.

The list here can continue but you should get the idea. We need to return to a Subsume, and this Subsume takes many, many forms if you think about it.
The trick is to live in an elaborated state, and yet try to retrieve some spirit of the prior subsumed state — because it is not being said here that we completely give up our evolutionary achievements and mindsets. We cannot actually return to a tribal society but we can study it and mentally return to it, then we can come back to the present with a perspective to change the existing world of disconnection. We are using a mental process to change a physical process: History.

We seek the best of both worlds to become whole. Today we live in half a world, half a whole. With a foot in the Subsume and another foot in present reality we can combine the complex facts of the immediate realm with the attitudes of the mental realm of the Subsume. In this way we have a workable whole with healthy communication and relationships.

To Emply or return should be a common behavior when in fact today it is uncommon. And it is often attacked as irrational, ignorant, mystical, primitive, and so on. As long as we concur with these repulsions we will not have the joy of wholeness or effectiveness or immortality. We will be as dysfunctional and miserable as the detractors.

Art and Creativity
Art is a special realm of a Subsume discussion.

Art is a disconnected institution because it originally was part of religious ritual, and this broke up long ago into a myriad of parts — art, theater and entertainment, religion, ritual, philosophy, and technologies etc.

This original elaboration or separation has created a great problem for the artist.

The artist unconsciously strives to return to the spiritual Subsume of religious activity or ritual, this is the primary problem for all artists. The return includes religious content in some way, in modern societies this disconnect is huge. The artist instinctively wants to return to a liturgical Subsume but society and other artists oppose this. And few voice this or give self awareness to this need.

As society evolves, new conditions and problems are thrown at the artist. Not only is she or he disconnected from religion, but now there is the great cultural “Subsume of the modern” the artists must contend with.

For artists there is the world of industrial things, marketing images, urban rhythms, media theater and more. One force pushes the artist to pursue conventional notions of art, another cultural Subsume pulls the artist in. An artist of the cultural Subsume feeds back the imagery and sounds and words and text to the world as “art”; new art forms are created.

But still the religious is the general pull for that is the original disconnect, and the cultural Subsume does not erase the religious-ritual-liturgical Subsume.
All the while, forces try to praise the cultural Subsume and raise it above the religious origin further confusing artists.

A modern attempt to deny a religious return is “poly-thea”; polythea is the culture of theatre or entertainment in all spheres, it is happening right now. It is in full force, it replaces all 20th century notions and revolutions in art.
Polythea, many theatres, is creating a false Subsume of diversion and the trite, further Polythea engages in suppression of personal mythology, the primary crime. Entertainment mythology overtakes all personal striving and self consciousness and identity.

And enlightened artists see the need to Emply and return to religion in some form to give art a religious feeling and/or content. For the healthy artist, personal myth is a primary end. The break from Polythea and the return to the liturgical are united by the need to find one’s self, they become the same thing. An artist or anyone who returns to the Subsume could be said to a “Re-kath” (re-kath short for return to “kataholos” — Greek meaning “by the whole”).

Radical artists also break through the disconnection of art with life, Nature and so on. The issue is the “frame” and the gallery. Is art beyond these, is everything art? The radical artist says “yes”. This is also parallel to the religious return of art because all should be art, art should be life itself. This is a kind of environmental Subsume where everything has the potential to be art.

In other pieces, the vague-whole-word has been discussed, it is another type of this artist’s Subsume; it serves the purpose of return to a vagueness and holism of an original idea.

Artists also speak of a Subsume where all is already created, a great inventory of universals that they select from, already present. This is another concept in the artist’s Subsume, the Subsume of universals or absolutes where it feels as if the artist has merely found pre-existing universal forms. There is some truth to this.

The highly skilled artist works in a Subsume of the left brain and right brain, both at once. The Cryptego is also included. The random behavior which waits for a flash of insight is an attempt to stay in a kind of Subsume state.
There are other forms of creative Subsumes; the above list is only partial. The Subsumes of art and creativity are highly important in this thesis.

The Emply
The Emply or Atavistic return is done by a special method or ritual. Each form of Subsume requires its own technique.

And it is done by direct experience, it is an act of directness by an empiric. It is done by individuals and not groups or institutions. It can be taught and, at the same time, it cannot be taught, it must learned by alone. Even when we are speaking of great social returns, the basic unit is still the individual; there is no group subsume-mind.

The Emply is highly personal. It leads to joy, effectiveness, immortality and wholeness.

Further on the Subsume Tract
There are different kinds of Subsumes as has been said previously and thus different kinds of Emplies. Let us explore the variety in more detail, and examine some problems that might come up in trying to use the Subsume concept.

Elaboration from an original Subsume is in two types for the purposes of this discussion. 

The first is that of clutter or dogma or seizure in its last stage; in its initial stage we have a healthy ramification of diverse things. The senile stage arises when our creativity begins to fail us. Thus, we return to the creative Subsume to restart our creativity. And this allows us to clean up our clutter and reframe things and start in new directions. This Emply does not destroy all of our accomplishments at all, it helps us to reorganize things, retaining our gains and now giving us the freedom to add new things. Creative people are quite aware of this kind of problem.

The second elaboration is a dysfunction right from the beginning. In this elaboration there is only a ramification along a narrow line, many elements are stunted or not existing at all. This ramification is one-sided, while the true elaboration is full, complete. 

In this kind of elaboration is war, absoluteness, iso-think. Also, we have chaos and disconnection. The above elaboration becomes unhealthy, while this type is unhealthy from the beginning. We can call this elaboration an “iso-elaboration”. This could also be called a kind of “negative differentiation”. This form predominates in modern culture.

The examples of the iso-elaboration include such things as:

•         The left brain or thread mind dominating the right brain or sphere mind, and also the emotions, the Cryptego, the abrupt mind, wisdom and etc
•         Objective Memory
•         Social developments where alienation and disconnection break up the social whole, where elitism and war arise.
•         The rise of a form of money that erases all prior social values
•         Creation of education systems that do not give an all round education that includes, ethics, theology, philosophy, psychology, life issues etc.
•         The break up the original village into classes, and the domination of a wealthy elite over all others
•         Nationalism that attacks all other nations, breaks up world community or does not allow it to form
•         Etc.

So what happens in an iso-elaboration is that an original Subsume which is an original whole is broken up, and a vast majority of the whole is either annihilated or subjugated or stunted. 

The historical problem is that we cannot stay in the Subsume because we must evolve, more precisely, we must ramify, diversify, individualize and create. Complexity must arise. Individuality must blossom. Diversity must break out of the whole. It is all in potential in the original Subsume. 
And that is what a Subsume is, the fusion or confusion of many parts of a whole into one. It is a beginning state but not an end state, not a state we want permanently. And in any case we cannot hold back evolution; it will overrun all of our fixed plans. 

Differentiation dominates over undifferentiation, so the original Subsume will break up. 

Thus, the Subsume of the tribal village must break up, but in which path does it go? Toward a healthy, complete elaboration or toward a stunted and amputated whole that is not really a whole. 

Often in Human history, the dysfunctional whole that is not a whole is the path. As a result we suffer from the ideas and institutions of these flawed wholes.

We find ourselves intuitively and emotionally pining for a better world of brotherhood, of social connection and community, of a system of economics that includes all values and supports all people, of global cooperation and peace as in the original village, of a complete education as was given in the original village too. We pine for a religion where all was addressed and included. We pine for a direct connection with Nature that our cities and media have separated us from. And on and on this pining progresses because so much of our world has been neglected and there is so much pain.
So when surrounded by iso-elaboration and an iso-whole we are miserable. So we are driven to return to the original Subsume to find solace and inspiration. And we must. 

But we must grasp that it is a mental state from which we can restart history and our evolution. We do not actually want to return to the actual village for example because here the parts are all fused and confused. There is potential here for diversity and elaboration but it is not actualized yet. This is the original stage which has its benefits of connection with all the parts — but has its liability of no distinction, no separateness.

This is our paradoxical state. Wanting to return to the Subsume yet knowing it cannot be.

For example, if we return to the village then our modern individuality will be gone, and we know that we need that, we appreciate differentiation, we want this cosmic power to continue, we enjoy it, it gives us great satisfaction and freedom.

So we want the connection to community and yet our individuality, can we do that? Yes we can. We return mentally to the Subsume, we see what we have missed. We then through principles try to recover the lost connections. By creating new principles of sociality, community, social ground, brotherhood etc., we now change our behavior and build the new institutions.

So we do not give up individuality and diversity and differentiation, we simply gain new concepts, apply principles and build the attendant things we need. So we have in our world of elaboration all the parts now, where before we did not. We do not fuse everything into one thing, we cannot do that in our complex world, but we take the spirit of connection and apply it to our world. 
What we do not want to do is pose our hard won individuality against the Subsume, and then say we must give it up and return to the Subsume, for that is dangerous. Group-think can actually begin in this way. This is a problem that arises in Subsume thinking, please avoid it. Some will advocate this and we must ostracize them; individuality is never given up. We merely append it, find its limits, through principles create the golden rule, the axiom of multiple perception, love of different people and views. We build an elaborated world with elaborated parts to create this complex whole.
Is this clear?

Now some processes or things will actually be new and will have an initial Subsume stage and they will elaborate right before your eyes, perhaps very quickly and you will see this in your lifetime, but this is not the norm, for most institutions and practices will be well established. And these reflect our successes, our hard work, the accumulation of Human knowledge and effort. So we should not confuse the two different things — one is a genuinely new process, the other is the existing process that is good but needs some reorganization of perspective.

So do not confuse the two processes, the brand new thing is wonderful, but do not assume that this process will apply to all phenomena. We do have Subsumes all around us, for example, in the case of children or in the case of the development of adult minds. These perennial Subsumes should be appreciated, and they have their powers and problems. When dealing with social institutions and the buildup of social knowledge and techniques, we must be careful not to delete our library of information. This Subsume revitalization is built upon history rather than genetics. 

The Subsume is a very useful concept that comes in many forms and if properly understood and used is immensely helpful.

The Subsumes include: Subsume as a creative state, Subsume as various psyche states, Subsume of souls, Subsume of “god” or cosmos origin, Subsume of the village-tribe about work, money, education, church and god, Human brotherhood etc., Subsume of social-historical processes. And so on.
Each Subsume is a case in itself. Some Subsumes are mental states you return to then leave. Some we return to by death. Some Subsumes actually appear as new things being born in our lives or in history.

When a Subsume elaborates it can go in one of two ways: Toward a complete whole or toward a stunted whole through iso-elaboration (or negative differentiation).

You must know the difference between the two. Each poses its own problems. One is more about clutter and dogma. The other is about loss and alienation.
The Subsume idea arises out of the problem of positing an origin for the Diverse of things in our world; we deduce a singularity that must have all potential within it. It is fused and yet has the diversity present as in a seed or embryo.

Some Subsumes we merely suppose, others we have evidence for their past existence, other Subsumes are right before us right now. Others we can see will burst forth soon.

The Emply notion appears because we find that some Subsumes we must return to in some way. Through the Emply we find good things that change our mindset giving us new insights and creativity.

Other Subsumes we return to whether we are willing or not, these include our eventual return to the cosmos upon death, our return to the vast Subsume of Human souls when we pass.

Problems of Subsume method arise because some societies are dysfunctional. Other problems arise simply because we get confused as to where and when we actually live, in the past Subsume or today in complexity.

The Subsume idea is simply a notion about the whole and the parts — a way to hold together our Diverse and understand its eternal evolution. It is another expression of the duality between differentiation and undifferentiation in the cosmos.

Like all problems, if we study theory we can avoid making big mistakes, these ideas here hopefully can help solve problems case by case.

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