Friday, May 10, 2013

The Age of Personal Creativity and Social Creativity, ebook by Cage Innoye

The Age of Personal Creativity and Social Creativity   417 pages  PDF
[easy to read Verdana 12 pt]

There are 78 articles in this book on various topics of creativity and some related subjects such as thought methods. Some articles are big and others are small. Some are summary articles on creativity, others address specific issues.

Also, there is an appendix list containing a piece called "List of Creative Techniques" with 70 entries. Entries include: absurdity, collecting, duality, excepting, flash cascade, I and not I, negation techniques, problem solving, production stages, subsume and more

Key summary articles might be:  What is Creativity; Creativity is an Unstoppable Force of History; About the Creative Mind, Genio, Creative Techniques and Behaviors; The Subsume; Creativity Uses the Power of Differentiation.

There are also 24 articles on "Social Creativity" which elaborate on the strategy, technique, psychology and organization of social change. Here general methods of personal creativity are applied to cultural and institutional problems.

Articles include topics such as:

Social Creativity and the Boundary Between Ages
The Genio "Right"
Negation Techniques, Meditation and Creativity
The Difference between Primary and Secondary Creativity
Creator and Receptor and the Social Cycle of Creativity
History and the Power of the Vague Whole Word
On Randomness
To "Emply"
There Is a Genuine Genius in Our Genes
Children, Creativity and Fantasy
Command Structure and Thread Mind Culture
Communication and Creativity
Counseling and Mentors
And more…………………..


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