Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Spirit of the Axxiad, a personal view of a new kind of Theology -- Ebook by Cage Innoye

THE NEW SPIRIT OF THE AXXIAD -- A PERSONAL VIEW OF A NEW KIND OF THEOLOGY   366 pages, PDF  [easy to read Verdana 12 pt]

This book is a collection of articles taken from other books and booklets. They are housed here under the concept of "Spirit" because they seem to be related to the general notion of the personal spirit and self knowledge and self growth.

For more discussion of these ideas please look at the author's other books on general philosophy, economics, individuality, nature, creativity and social change. Also please take a look at the glossary of terms and ideas.

Some Topics:

The Entemple, the Temple Within
About Two Realms of Spirit: Objective and Subjective, Outer and Inner
14 Personal Principles of Diverse Philosophy
On the Spirit, an Overview
Spirit of the Whole and Spirit of the Individual
You are Not Mere Matter
Autobiography of “God”
Lakape, Love of the Different
On Directness
The Empiric
The Forbiddens
Personal Thoughts on the Human Soul
Some Words and Ideas – forgiveness, idealism, receding mystery, grounded mysticism, spirit, soul, subsume, voceum, voluntary suffering, whole

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