Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A List of Examples of Differentiation and Undifferentiation

These examples of differentiation, undifferentiation and wholes are in this format:  DIFFERENTIATION===UNDIFFERENTIATION===WHOLE


Personal soul === connection w/other souls===collective soul 

Myriad of personality traits===organization, stability, management ===whole of identity       
Unique identity ===general rules of personality formation===lifelong identity process

Unique identity===role in achieving general social good===social individuality

Many sub-minds===mental communication, connection, mngt===mental focus, goal achievement

Separation from nature===support of nature, concept of home===co-genio

Many economic/social values===new econ org., banks, firms===diverse economy

Many citizens and many views===new constitution, checks/balances===direct democracy

Spirit of the individual===spirit of unity and connection===higher spirit circle

Emotions development===knowledge, guidance of emotions===mental health

Love of the different===love of the same===all encompassing love

Indirect leadership===direct leadership===effective influence

The individual===sociality, social action===human dialectic

Personal ethics===law and policy===moral society

Directness in life===leaders, experts===knowledge based culture

Freedom of parts, members===org, stability===free, flexible organization

Making students individuals===models, curriculum to do so===new education

Traits of creative mind===traits of logical mind===skills to finish project   

Traits of creative mind===wisdom and judgment===proper use of creative products  
Creative actions of individuals===mass creativity, organizing---social creativity

Time as moments===time as continuities===unity and flow of time

Individual striving===periods of rest and summation===healthy personal evolution

Differentiation everywhere===undifferentiation===A stable Diverse

Differentiation of life forms===systems, reproduction, organization===many life forms, ecosystem

Complex life, many needs, values===core values, priority===an enlightened lifestyle

Knowledge growth===assimilation with other knowledge===system of knowledge
Spiritual development===assimilation with past experience===spiritual history or geology

Moral development===assimilation with past experience===moral history or geology

Stress on new, change, future=== importance of past, tradition===staged evolution

All entities evolve on separate timelines===coordination of all timelines===harmonious evolution

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