Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A list of the forces of differentiation vs. undifferentiation:

Detail vs. generality, universality
Parts vs. central structure
Individuality vs. sociality
Individuation vs. imitation
Change-evolution vs. stability
Duality vs. lack of opposites
Conflict vs. concord
New vs. old
Chaos-disorder vs. order
Splitting vs. unification
Creative vs. non-creative, repetitive
Interior vs. exterior, environmental
Diversity-variety vs. uniformity
Simultaneous vs. sequential
Non-hierarchy vs. hierarchy
Indeterminate vs. determinate
Range vs. narrowness
Wandering vs. undeviating, restricted
Unstable vs. stable
Flexible vs. inflexible
Independent vs. dependent
Disruption-break-moment vs. continuity
Directness vs. indirectness
Direct knowledge vs. indirect knowledge
Combination vs. division, separateness
Uniqueness vs. reproduction
Distinction vs. in-distinction
Freedom vs. regulation
Motion vs. structure
Lack of organization vs. organization
Uniqueness vs. commonality
Individual good vs. common good
Unique point of view vs. universal paradigms
Fields, applications vs. general philosophy
Sphere vs. thread
Evasion vs. cooperation
Decentralization vs. centralization
Free vs. constrained
Self vs. group

Momentum vs. stationary

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