Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A list of types of Subsumes

Subsumes come in many forms: physical and biological, mental and tactile, social and personal, major and minor, long term and short term, past and concurrent and future.

Let us look at examples of them:

•       PHYSICAL – cosmological singularity that produced the big bang from which came space, time, energy, field and matter

•       BIOLOGY – early conditions that spawned living things; and early life forms from which modern life evolved

•       NEUROLOGY – the fusion of sub-minds not as yet elaborated in the behavior of children, the confusion of logic, fantasy, creativity, emotion, subconscious etc. Also lack of judgment which cannot arise until the prefrontal region matures.

•       A MENTAL STATE OF FUSION, lack of distinction and even confusion in which there are no boundaries between things as in other states. Differentiation creates these boundaries and distinctions. Distinction is a mode after a Subsume breaks up, 'indistinction' is the mode before it passes

•       FEELINGS OF UNITY, love, community, empathy, mutual identity and oneness achieved through various methods; these express another type of mental Subsume

•       Social states such as early TRIBAL SOCIETY where there are no classes, a fusion of individual and group, a mix of values, a vague boundary between Human and Nature, and between spiritual and material realms

•       Social activities such as certain types of RITUALS that create a strong sense of unity and caring

•       SOCIAL ORGANIZATION AND ACTION that emphasizes group effort, unity, mutual interests and joint success

•       REVOLUTIONS are often Subsumes because they are usually not conscious and begin long social processes from which new institutions and practices evolve. The problem here is that one must become conscious as quickly as you can, or else a revolution is bound to go off in a wrong direction

•       WORDS are often Subsumes that we explore – democracy, freedom, equality, happiness, Human, justice, fraternity, the good, the true..…even 'god'. These ideals hold infinite content but for each age this content differs, these words differentiate from the Subsume of the pure and vague aiming for a more specific definition for a specific age

•       CREATIVITY offers its own version of a Subsume, where all things are tangled and confused; in this state new ideas, new connections are made, a whole is sought. This is a special mental Subsume, a special creative technique in genio's toolbox

•       NEW SUBSUMES appear about us all the time caused by technology, economics and globalization

•       The SUBCONSCIOUS MIND is a sort of Subsume where all seems confused and must be painstakingly unraveled

•       The ACTION MIND which focuses not on analysis but doing has a form of Subsume consciousness, it simply acts with no thoughts or plans, it works from memory and can adapt quickly

•       An AXXIAD is specific kind of thought system that has Subsume qualities because it merges philosophy, psychology, spirit, science into one framework

•       MYTHOLOGY is often a Subsume that merges philosophy, religion, psychology, ethics, strategy into one thing, a path of living a life

•       TANGI-NOT is the notion that the human world is both tangible and not tangible leading to interesting views on what is reality and what is not, and whether reality is even relevant at times.

•       PLASTICITY of the world shows that one thing can become another, all is malleable. This is related to the tangible-and-not view.

•       MEMORY can be seen as a Subsume fusion, memories are part objective and part subjective, they are plastic. They change and evolve, live and die, they can be managed.

•       GENDER SUBSUME – while there are clear role models, at the same time one must enter a gender Subsume to figure out what is the right synthesis for yourself

•       COMMUNICATION SUBSUME – the internet seems to be creating a Subsume of ideas and messages that appear to be a sort of living organism

•       ART AND LIFE – artists often merge their creations with life, with cultural environments, with nature, they are saying art cannot be separated from these, in this way their art gains power and impact

•       UNCONSCIOUS SOCIAL HISTORICAL PROCESSES – the evolution of the internet and electronic communication in general seems to be a good example of this blind evolution

•       ECONOMICS – capitalism creates new things out of its Subsumes, new evolutions begin unplanned, uncontrolled; there is however a very conscious goal of maximum profit achieved through a very unconscious process

•       EARLY RELIGION – gods, nature, souls, community and ethics are woven into one theology. This is quite different from modern religion which often separates itself from the 'temporal plane', from ordinary life

•       VALUE SUBSUME – modern society stresses the value of money, but at one time many values were sought and balanced. When we oppose the domination of materialism and wealth, we are returning to a value subsume where many ideals and goals are held equally

•       WORK SUBSUME – work and life activities all together, not simply the domination of career and job; life consists of many pursuits

•       THE HUMAN RACE – a great Subsume of races, nationalities, cultures, religions, individuals, values, paradigms, schools of thought, subcultures……….a species that is capable of producing new Subsumes both mental and physical, the Human race is an ongoing Subsume

•       PLANET EARTH – at some point we must return to a Subsume of relationships toward Mother Nature. When Nature is in all of our thoughts, and when we do things not knowing whether the act is for ourselves or for Nature, then we are in a Subsume. When the boundary of ourselves and the environment are no longer clear, when we become confused then we have reached a higher stage, and then we and the planet are one

•       SUBSUME OF SOULS – we have individual souls and we participate in a collective soul, a community of souls. We are born from this special Subsume and we return to this Subsume.

•       MEDITATION can produce a mental Subsume. Other techniques and conditions can also produce Subsume states

•       A MULTICULTURAL ENVIRONMENT may produce a kind of Subsume thinking

•       YOUR IDENTITY – who are you? You are mix of a vast array of elements. At times you are clear on your particular nature, at other times you slip into a great identity Subsume, get confused and resume a search for your 'essence'. Clarity and confusion drive the great cycles of your identity quest

•       ME AND YOU -- the self is a Subsume that produces not only individuality but also sociality and concern for all people. On a daily basis you will be juggling many concerns both personal and other, and you will not be aware of your choices, you will simply act and react, you will be yourself and society at the same time, you will find no contradiction in this

•       CRISIS RESPONSE is a state of action in the most intense mode. In this state one is acting without analysis, reacting to unplanned events. The mind is purely a Subsume – alert, responding, intuitive, adaptive

•       MANAGING SUB-MINDS, in the prefrontal region is the agent that manages your sub-minds such as reason, creativity, memories, emotion, subconscious, sensation, judgment. This manager attempts to get your whole neurology working together as a one, toward a general goal. Often the manager must improvise, and shares much in common with your action mind. Improvisation itself is a special Subsume skill

We may postulate a hierarchy of Subsumes:
·         First is that which is known as the 'singularity' which precedes and fuses matter, energy, field, particles, space and time as one thing.

·         Second, the physical Subsume of matter, energy, field, particles in the world with which we are familiar

·         Third, the Subsume of life, of biology, of ecosystems

·         Fourth, the higher Subsumes of Human beings; these are personal, social, abstract

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