Tuesday, January 28, 2014

False Forms

The article, 3 Subsume Equations, offers 6 fundamental features of this philosophy:  Subsume [both material and mental], Differentiation, Undifferentiation, Whole, Genio [creativity as individual and social] and Time [evolution].

In the statement there is attention drawn to negative differentiation also, a false or destructive differentiation. There is also false undifferentiation – these are forms of connection and organization that lead to autocracy and elitism. There is also the notion of a false whole, a quite common ruse.

In the article, 3 Subsume Equations, the terms –D, -U, -W are used.

We can apply this view to other major concepts:

A false Subsume, -S, is a mental Subsume that is not a true Subsume. Here the individual has not actually achieved a genuine Subsume; it is only partial or shallow. Their technique is lacking; they do not stay in a Subsume long enough or what they think is a Subsume is something else etc.

Strangely enough, totalitarian, fascist, nationalist and racist attitudes can disguise themselves as Subsume ideas. Why? Because they stress a whole, unity and love….BUT only if you fit into a privileged group. AND submit to group think and do not differ with the leader.

A true Subsume has no boundaries and allows no subjugation by one over another.

A false genio, -G, is false creativity, or Miscreativity. This innovation is either imitative, destructive, mediocre, superficial, trivial, manipulative, stolen, shallow, exploitive, euphoric, distracting, addictive, entrancing, standard lowering, wasteful and so on

In addition there can be false social creativity or social miscreativity.

There is an untrue T, -T…..but of course we cannot change time or evolution, it happens as a force outside of us. However we can in our minds misunderstand Time or be manipulated by someone's incorrect view of time and evolution.

We can make errors such as not seeing any evolution or expecting any evolution. We can overestimate evolution and see radical changes when they do not exist or have yet to manifest themselves. We can push evolution too fast…..And so on.

So we must be careful for the potential exists for these things:

In addition, we can apply fallacy to Nature, that is, the formation of false views of Nature and false relationships with Nature.

We can also create false views of a Human soul, individuality, psychology and so on. All good ideas, rules and goals can be reversed and undermined.

In addition, note there can be a false philosophy that utilizes the concepts of differentiation and undifferentiation incorrectly, such as promoting undifferentiation as the primary message perhaps while using a seemingly revolutionary means of getting there. Or the formation of a doctrine of differentiation that has no ground or limitation because it does not respect structure, organization, rules, facts, science, stability etc.

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