Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Poetry of the Soul --- birth from a Subsume, return to a Subsume

In the article, 3 Subsume Equations, a short passage addresses the issue of the soul.

In poetic terms, we may say that a Human being comes from a Subsume and returns to a Subsume……and in the meantime experiences Subsumes.

Of course, it is more complicated than that. But when thinking of our mortality we tend to collapse things into a more concise poetic statement or spiritual formula. The more complex and scientific statement while accurate is not very comforting.

In more specific terms, a list might look like this:

•       We come from a Subsume of the universe

•       From a Subsume of life on this planet

•       From a Subsume of the modern human race

•       From a Subsume long gone of tribal society

•       From a Subsume of human souls

•       From a child's mental Subsume

•       And we will experience various social Subsumes

•       We may return to mental Subsumes via various techniques

•       We experience the Subsume of creativity

•       We emerge from the Subsume of human souls and also make our waves in this Subsume too

•       We may experience the Subsumes of social creativity and revolution and historical processes

•       We may experience the Subsume of art

•       We may experience the mental Subsumes created by social ritual, activity and organization

•       We will experience the Subsume through the power of memory

•       We may experience the Subsume of a word

•       Then finally we will pass on and return to the Subsume of Nature, the physical 

•       And passing on we will exist in the Subsume of souls for we are not alive, active or conscious anymore – but we are still affecting the lives of others by our example and teaching

•       Thus we will pass into the Subsume of the memory of the living……

Another issue raised by Subsumes, birth and death is that of immortality. A detailed list of Subsumes makes it clear a kind of immortality does exist for a human being, where we physically become part of nature and the cosmos again. We also continue on in memory of loved ones, friends, admirers; we exist in the sense of long term waves of good behavior pushing out into the future. Things that we build by ourselves or with others live on too. The energy of Human being continues on in various ways.

This is not an issue that arises in studying the dynamic of social processes. These processes are very long term, if not, infinite. Social evolution goes on and on and on.

But fragile, little, mortal human beings do not have the immortality of history or species evolution. We struggle for it, we may succeed or not; but history is immortal and eternal.

Social evolution is a nonstop arrow pointing into the future. But we are not like these eternal forces. Graphically speaking, individuals are not arrows, we are circles. We are born, we live, we die. We emerge and then return. Individuals exist in loops, circles; we are the wheels of evolution.

But these loops are the power behind history, for it is the individual who makes history. The arrow of history is built upon the billions of circles of individual lives. The individual has desires, needs, dreams. The individual works and strives. History lacks this for it is a collective kind of abstraction or momentum.

History has no drive, no momentum. History is made up of organization, technology, economics yet it is nothing. History is sum total of individual action, its power is derived from individual people. So one form of immortality drives another, the energy of history is you and me.

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