Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What is a Subsume Philosophy?

A Subsume philosophy comes from another philosophy called Diverse Philosophy or Philosophy of Differentiation.

It shares the same basic ideas and methods though it puts a stress on the key point of a Subsume.

This gives a Subsume philosophy a very particular outlook and methodology. From inside the entire system of concepts provided in diverse thinking a Subsume philosophy has a distinct slant on things.

What a Subsume philosophy speaks to is big processes and loops. A Subsume is a linking term or stage in an extended dynamic.

The 6 basic ideas of a philosophy of differentiation are:

  • Differentiation
  • Undifferentiation
  • Wholes
  • Genio or Creativity
  • Time [or evolution]
  • And Subsumes

In the booklet, 3 Subsume Equations, the Subsume term is used to connect the other 5 concepts:

1] a Subsume creates differentiation and undifferentiation which lead to a whole

2] a Subsume may result in negative differentiation and negative undifferentiation which lead to anguish and a false whole or simply chaos

3] from misery we grasp a need to return to a mental Subsume, this is called an Emply, then from this mental return we are able to get on the constructive track of positive differentiation and undifferentiation

A Subsume initiates a cycle. And if we have problems we must return to a Subsume. We are coming from and going to a Subsume.

And also through the natural process of evolution and the passage of time, we find that we must return to a mental Subsume to fix problems with our perceptions as we encounter difficulties caused by new issues in development. So we leap back to a Subsume to get our heads clear again.

In addition, new social and psychological Subsumes may be all around us, so we are affected by them.

And we find ourselves immersed in them knowingly or unknowingly.

And further, Subsumes are closely related to issues involving the birth and death of a human being, making them highly personal. And more they lead to arguments about the nature of mortality and immortality.

In creative theory Subsumes are associated with creativity. A mental Subsume can be a place where imagination and innovation are powerful.

The Subsume has a key connecting nature. And it touches on a variety of highly important issues.

In Diverse Philosophy, the Subsume is described in some detail. But the emphasis is usually on differentiation or undifferentiation.

Another reason the Subsume notion takes center stage: in a society of negative differentiation, like we have today, we tend to have our minds tainted by the general air of sectarianism and selfishness and alienation. Even when we are struggling against such things we get poisoned by them. A return to a mental Subsume reminds us of our original lofty ideas and our transcendent emotions of love, trust, respect, unity, cooperation…..

An emply gets us back on track and restarts our work. Then we can begin to apply our ideals in a complex situation and make the right choices about the real, the practical, the transitional and the staged.

The memory of the emply opposes the general atmosphere of the negative and gives us the hope and faith to carry on.

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