Saturday, February 21, 2015

Emply to original identity

There is no original identity for a person because identity is formed in a long and complex process.

Although in times of crisis, one does need to return to such state.

Is this a contradiction?

No, not really.

We are born with certain personality traits. And very early we acquire more. We can say that this early, first persona, or paleo identity is the 'original identity'.

At times it will help to return to this early structure of you because you will find your identity evolution becoming very complicated and frankly 'foreign' to who you are. Secondary issues will compete with primary themes. Temporary escapes from your main behaviors revealing an adjacent identity may be quite rewarding but long term dwelling in this land will become difficult and confusing. Incorrect choices litter the road of normal identity development. And so on.

An emply to the fused and unclear original identity may be necessary. This is a subsume of a particular type. Going there may get you in touch with the fundamentals of you, it may anchor your adventures to here and there.

In social theory, an emply is used to return to a state of unity and harmony for the whole community. This state like all subsumes is somewhat vague, it suffers from indistinct thinking. But the value of the social emply is that we return to the world with a stronger sense of a whole, of connection between all Human beings.

In an emply to the original personality, the indistinct thinking is expressed as a lack of clarity on the many details of our identity and the long confusing personal path, but with a strong feeling as to our first nature and what feels to be a deviation from it and what feels to be in concord with it.

So when quite lost, return to your primary qualities. Then try again.

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