Monday, April 20, 2015

Democracy as a Subsume

The idea of democracy can be seen as a Subsume.

We have the fusion, the interconnection, the merger of all interests.

We want a government by the people, for the people, of the people.

We make the 'people' a special concept.

We want liberty, fraternity and equality.

We want rights and freedoms for the people.

One for all, and all for one.

The social whole, the whole of the nation.

Even the Human race.

When faced with corruption and political elites we yearn for 'democracy', a government that truly represents the citizens.

We often seek a Subsume state of mind that stresses the people, the masses, the citizens, democracy and consensus. In this fused and confused state all are merged. Democracy is a simple notion that makes us a single blended unit.

And we return to this frame of mind again and again as we face outrageous event after event.

We make placards, banners, march and protest. We design rituals that bring out this Subsume thinking.

Leaders, poets and musicians attempt to move us into this state of fusion.

This is the Subsume stage of the concept of democracy -- that of fusion, confusion, one, whole, family, tribe.

From the Subsume  perception we may then we proceed to another phase of understanding democracy.

In this stage our POV {point of view) passes from indistinct thinking to distinct thinking. We analyze the particular problems, we create specific solutions, we pass to programme:

We strengthen civil liberties and civil rights.

We create the mechanisms of quick recall of politicians and even presidents.

We make Referendums, for all of the most important and fundamental issues to us.

We create vast Citizen participation for each stage of the development and correction of legislation.

Individual citizens are urged to participate. A myriad of citizen groups is formed.

Transparency in all aspects of government and political life is demanded.

The legislator passes from the old notion of 'representative' to a 'functional' position that enables the participation of the people.

Experts are brought in to advise and help design legislation and different points of view.

Money and elites are kept out of government and the electoral process.

Legal and illegal bribery cease to exist.

Media must now serve democracy.

Limitations to presidential power are set particularly in regard to issues of war, national security and surveillance , environmental crisis, and domestic crisis.

And many other new practices are created.

All of these details may follow from a strong notion of the Subsume of Democracy. A Subsume has the emotional and psychological and spiritual power to bring us together and drive a movement.

From there we analyze, debate and unify.

From a subsume we pass to the details, principles, institutions, and elements of programme.


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