Monday, April 20, 2015

Social Diversity, 4 Levels of Society, Subsumes and Family

In a Subsume we have fusion and confusion, things are not sharp or distinct.

When we examine social diversity from the point of view of a Subsume we may find there is difference and there is commonality at the same time. The differences do not stand out in relief, and the unities are jostled by the diversity. We are not sure what is happening. The situation is more akin to “Family”. More about Family later on.

In current times we are more accustomed to focusing on civil rights and identifying injustices. But this represents a certain stage of perception of social diversity and a certain condition where inequality is allowed to exist.

We could say that today we are in an age of distinction where we see most sharply the issues.

We think in terms of equality and freedom. We support programs that erase years of injustice.

We think in moral terms of live and let live, the golden rule, love of the different.

And we have a heightened categorization of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, subculture, religion and so on.

We say diversity for all -- with the proscription that no one oppresses anyone under the guise of social diversity, for example an ideology that oppresses women.

We then face another problem –- the opposite of differentiation.

How do we find a common identity among all of these disparate groups?
How do create a common structure to house all of these peoples?

Differentiation leads us eventually to undifferentiation and wholes.

This then leads us to another set of issues. We must find a way to unite the disparate groups into a whole.

We unite in the overall, in general values and beliefs such as democracy, freedom of speech, economic rights etc.

We find particular national traits that can be embraced by all within a nation whether it be American or German or Brazilian or South African.

This collision of the reality of social diversity and the necessity of social unity results in a sort of federalism, not just on the level of provinces or states but a federalism between social groups. This may necessitate another level of government or the creation of some new institutions. We may find we are seeking a new type of constitution for ethnic groups, genders and so on.

And this kind of federalism of organization and freedoms produces a kind of whole that is quite flexible.

At times we may want to pursue the commonalities and agreements further. We usually go higher: we enter the realm of the ‘Human”, of morality, of the spiritual, of planetary citizen, of steward of Nature, of intelligent species in a vast cosmos etc. These are transcendent issues that bind us together, issues that lie beyond nation.

On the other hand, if we pursue the differentiators further we get to a more particular level. When we go below the level of social groups we find something else. As diversity becomes more microscopic or specific for each person we find individuality, uniqueness, identity, creativity, initiative, independence, self knowledge level, skill sets and much more.

We get to the very essence of human differentiation.

So when we identify social differentiators we eventually come upon the linkers of a nation; then we take the general similarities between us all to a higher level and we find the transcendent themes of Human existence; and if we then descend to the minute details, we then discover the most rare and original features of Human beings.

These Four levels of differentiation and undifferentiation can get quite complicated. If you are watching what is happening in Europe today and in the USA, you can see all of these factors in action. And you can see, unfortunately, bigotry and hate, and false forms of social diversity and false forms for a nation. And you can see also false forms of individuality and false forms of even a planetary citizen etc.

How do we get through all of this? We must observe the rules of differentiation and wholes, and be very CREATIVE as to how we are going to arrange new social behavior and institutions.

Further, we must note that there are historical processes that have led to this multicultural world we live in. And the issues of Time and Evolution must be studied for they present us with new conditions and new problems.

Things can get quite complicated. But this is the way of our Universe -- which should actually be renamed a DIVERSE.

Now this article began with the notion of a Subsume, the above discussion is not about a Subsume because the exploration was of differentiation and unity. However, if we were to let all of that go, and not focus on differentiators and organization or freedom and wholes, what would happen? Anything bad? Not necessarily.

We could return to a Subsume or pass into a Subsume frame of mind.
What does that mean? It means we have another alternative in our mental toolbox. We have the wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers of our various points of view (POV).

In the Subsume POV all would fuse into one. Our sharpness and the consequent drive to fit all the many elements together into a complex machine of some sort would wane.

Why would we let go of the perspective of distinction and analysis? Wouldn’t we just get stupid and incompetent? No, not really. In some cases it helps, it is the perfect antidote to certain problems.

There are various reasons for a Subsume state:

Mental health is one reason. When we are deluged with too much complexity we may need to escape to a simpler view.

When we live in a very negative culture of alienation and social war we are affected too. We need to escape its negative consequences that lead us to be sectarian, impatient, destructive, unforgiving and more. Here we are fighting just these sorts of behaviors and we are now imitating them ourselves.

When a certain problem is largely solved in regards to differentiation we no longer need to think so sharply and vigilantly, and we can fall into a more relaxed state.

When we are in movement of some form where these issues of diversity have been worked out among the members, then there is no reason to approach the relation between individuals in such a “political” manner. In the movement or embryonic nation there is one behavior, outside in the unfair and hurtful world is another behavior. Making this distinction is highly important because a “political” relationship between cadre of a movement will destroy the formation of bonds and engender alienation and distrust.

All of these examples point to another category: FAMILY.

In the end it is all about Family. In a family we are all different but related. We are individuals but we form a whole. We accept differences. We have arguments but we stick together? Why? Because we are Family.

Family as it used here is a Subsume concept. It is softer in its approach; it
relies more on feelings of love, caring, empathy and sympathy, brotherhood, cooperation, intimacy, trust, directness, oneness, communication…

Family is the ideal we are shooting for. When we reach the stage of family then we are on our way to solving the problems of the age of discrimination and are well on our way to a new stage of Human relations.

Family is a very useful concept for movements, nations and planets.


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