Sunday, February 21, 2016

Free Ebooks by Cage Innoye


A Second Glossary of Axxiad Philosophy. 56 pages, PDF ebook. Jan 2016. More detail on key topics.

The Axxiad, 362 Pages, PDF
The original work on diverse philosophy that has in-depth discussions on topics from emotions to identity to individuality, economics, creativity and much more. In broad strokes the book sketches out a general framework on many issues.

Three Subsume Equations -- The summation of a philosophy concerning differentiation, suffering, life, liberation, returning to the beginning, creativity and the evolution of true wholes.   129 pages PDF  

A summary of the philosophy in terms of the subsume concept which links together the various key ideas into an interesting process. Includes 3 Subsume Equations and 18 articles on various topics.

Philosophy for a Diverse Planet,  645 pages, PDF
Key articles gathered together. Over 200 pages of new material. Articles are about diverse thinking. diversity, individuality, creativity and diverse wholes. Topics include economics, history, theology, psychology, education, individuality. time, individuality, identity, multiple perception, methods and much more. Also includes summary articles of key ideas in this philosophy to simplify things. Most informative and complete book on the philosophy.

The Age of Personal Creativity and Social Creativity , 425 pages, PDF
78 articles on personal and social creativity with A List of Creative Techniques in the appendix

Social Genio: Activism, Creativity and Change,  211 pages. PDF
Many articles on Social Creativity.

For a New Economy of Multiple Values, Social Metrics and Creativity , 200 pages, PDF
This version includes new articles discussing creativity and forming a creative economy. Also there are articles on the multiple values and measures, new economic organization and a programme for the recession.

Healthy Or Unhealthy Individuality?, 218 pages, PDF
New book. A collection of articles about individuality, identity, unhealthy individuality and the Tea Party

A Quick Glossary of Axxiad Philosophy, 68 Pages, PDF
Expanded Version available. Many new words and phrases coined early in the development of the philosophy.

A Glossary of Creativity, 210 pages, PDF
Version 4. Over 300 entries on topics related to creativity, very original. Entries include creative technique, emotional issues, mental management, creative and rational minds together, cultural issues etc. Included in the Appendix A List of Creative Techniques

A List of Creative Techniques, 41 pages, PDF
A list of creative methods and mindsets.

Think Out of the Human Box -- Think of Nature, 77 pages, PDF
New version. Articles about Humans and Nature

New Spirit of the Axxiad. 380 pages, PDF format
About issues of the spirit from a unique point of view.


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